Agenda and minutes

Venue: Meeting Room - Fairburn Sports and Community Centre

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No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from Councillors Jordan, Buckle, Grogan and Mackman, and David Nicklin.




Disclosures of Interest

A copy of the Register of Interest for each Selby District Councillor is available for inspection at


Board members should declare to the meeting any disclosable pecuniary interest in any item of business on this agenda which is not (in the case of Selby District Councillors) already entered in their Register of Interests.


Board members should leave the meeting and take no part in the consideration, discussion or vote on any matter in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest.


Board members should also declare any other interests. Having made the declaration, provided the other interest is not a disclosable pecuniary interest, the member may stay in the meeting, speak and vote on that item of business.


If in doubt, Board members are advised to seek advice from the Monitoring Officer.


There were no declarations of interest.




Minutes pdf icon PDF 384 KB

To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the Partnership Board meeting held on 25 June 2019.



The Partnership Board considered the minutes of the meeting held on 25 June 2019.



To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the Western CEF Partnership Board meeting held on 25 June 2019.



Chairs Report

To receive and note any updates from the Chair (oral report).



The Chair informed the Partnership Board that he would be resigning from the Western CEF, as he was moving out of the Western CEF area.  This would probably happen at the next meeting of the Board due to take place in January 2020.


The Chair indicated that he would be amending the order of business to allow agenda item number 5, Board Member Vacancy – Co-Opted Member to be considered last as agenda item number 11; the rest of the business would be as set out in the agenda.  This was agreed by the Partnership Board.




Budget Update pdf icon PDF 15 KB

To consider the current CEF budget.



The Partnership Board considered the Western CEF budget, which confirmed a remaining balance of £20,011.11.



                      To note the budget update.




Project Funding Applications pdf icon PDF 156 KB

To receive presentations from the following potential funding applicants. The Funding Framework is attached for reference.



The Partnership Board noted the Funding Framework and considered the following funding applications:



Selby District Disability Forum, 'Western CEF Disability Action Group', £4,658 pdf icon PDF 429 KB

This funding application was deferred at the Partnership Board meeting in June 2019.

Additional documents:


The application was for £4,658 towards identifying and bringing together a group of the Western CEF area residents who would become a locally focused Disability Action Group for the Selby District Disability Forum (SDDF).  It was noted that the application had been heard at the March meeting of the Board, when members had been informed that the SDDF currently had two other action groups, one in the Southern CEF area, and one in the Tadcaster and Villages CEF area, both of which had been funded by the respective CEF’s. 


It was explained that the members had taken the decision to defer the application in order for the chairs of the Southern and Tadcaster CEF to be contacted to ask them to attend the meeting; to each give their view on how the projects had progressed, and the benefits realised within their respective areas. The applicants were in attendance.


Councillor Sweeting was unable to attend, but had sent a short briefing note in support of the application, detailing the work that the Tadcaster Disability Forum had achieved to date, along with their plans for the future to make the group sustainable. 


Councillor Mike Jordan was in attendance, and highlighted some key highways issues which had been addressed with the North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department, by the Southern Disability Forum bringing matters to the fore.  The Board was informed that the group regularly engaged with the Parish Councils in the Southern CEF area to raise various issues specifically identified in the area.  Councillor Jordan added his support as he felt that the group acted on behalf of people with disabilities by raising awareness, giving suggestions on how to rectify issues, and chasing funding from different organisations. 


The Tadcaster and Villages CEF had held a forum on 22 July 2019 at which the SDDF had given a presentation about the work they were doing, the Vice Chair of the Western CEF had attended the meeting and gave her impressions of the evening, and added her support for the project.


The applicants had previously explained that the proposed Western CEF Disability Action Group, with the hub in Sherburn in Elmet, would develop themselves over the course of twelve locally run action planning sessions, discussing and identifying local issues and barriers facing disabled people. These sessions would culminate in an event, ideally a Western CEF Forum, which would invite those with the most influence locally to come and directly listen to the findings, with the view to champion change and develop solutions together.


The Board was supportive of the application and noted that the aim was to make the Action Group sustainable by making it peer led.  It was confirmed that the application met the aims and objectives of the Community Development Plan, and also confirmed that the application was in accordance with the Allocation of Funding Framework.


The Partnership Board agreed to fund £4,658 for the project.


The applicants were told the outcome of the application, who then left the meeting and did  ...  view the full minutes text for item 30.


What the Dickens, 'Development of a Drop in Community Reading/Library Facility for the Residents of Monk Fryston and Hillam', £4,430 pdf icon PDF 426 KB

Additional documents:


The application was for £4,430 to develop a drop-in community reading and library facility for the residents of Monk Fryston and Hillam.  The applicants were in attendance to present a summary of the application, and answer questions from the Partnership Board.


The applicants explained that the facility would be based within a room at Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Centre, with the books stored in three lockable storage cupboards.  At any one time some 400 – 500 books may be stored; some of which had been donated and others on loan from Selby Library.  The Board noted that the project would be run by volunteers, initially for two, three hourly sessions per week, on a Wednesday and Sunday from 10.00 am. Visitors would be charged for refreshments and would be able to access an information section about local services and events which would promote other activities and businesses in the area.


The Board were informed that to ensure the project became self-sufficient, income was intended to come from books which would be available to buy, the sale of refreshments, and children’s book bags which would be rented out for a small fee.  It was also the intention to offer speciality evenings, for example on cooking and criminology, and also a book club.  Once the project was up and running the income would be monitored monthly to ensure the project was sustainable.   


In response to a query regarding the catchment area for the facility, the applicants confirmed that people from the neighbouring villages would be welcome to use the facility.   


A query was raised regarding the local schools involvement and safeguarding, it was confirmed that the Headmaster of Monk Fryston school had been approached and was very supportive of the project, although the school did have a library it was purely for the use of the children.  There had also been interest in some of the older children having the opportunity to run, under supervision, a section of the facility which would encourage peer group integration.  The Board was assured that in terms of safeguarding two of the What the Dickens group had advanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS).


The Partnership Board thanked the applicants for presenting the application and asked them to leave the room while the Board reached their decision.


At this point in the meeting the funding applicants left the room for the consideration of the item.


The Board were supportive of the facility; however it was felt that only an initial amount was required to facilitate the start of the project.  It was therefore agreed that the funding should be paid in two parts, with £2,090 paid to cover the initial start-up costs and the first three months room hire; and for the remaining nine months room hire, a further £2,340 upon the successful establishment of the project, and satisfactory income reports.  It was further agreed that the applicants should come back to a Partnership Board meeting at the end of the three month period  ...  view the full minutes text for item 31.



To discuss any points of interest relating to the Western CEF that should be forwarded to Selby District Council’s Communications Team to undertake publicity work.


The Development Officer updated the Board on the video and short films; the films have been made, and the draft films will be taken to the next meeting of the CEF Chairs.  Once final approval was given the films would be publicised by the Communications Team, placed on the Council and AVS websites; and passed to Parish Councils and Community Groups for sharing.




Issues Table pdf icon PDF 313 KB

To consider the Issues Table and any updates.


The Board considered the Issues Table and gave the following updates:


Flooding in the Aire Valley


The Democratic Service Officer informed the Board that to date a response had not been received from the Environment Agency regarding the implications of Phase 2 of the Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme on the river in the Western CEF area.


Fly Tipping


The Board commented that the incidences of fly tipping in the area appeared to have decreased; the Democratic Services Officer was asked to obtain up to date statistics on fly tipping within the Western area.


Bus Provision


The Board noted that a new bus timetable had been circulated; the changes were minimal.  It was also confirmed that Arriva was for sale.  The Democratic Services Officer was asked to obtain up to date statistics on passenger numbers and any trends identified within the data.



i.              To note the updates.


ii.            To ask the Democratic Services Officer to obtain the most recent statistics for fly tipping in the Western area.


iii.           To ask the Democratic Services Officer to contact Arriva to request the most recent statistics for passenger usage.




Community Development Plan

To note the current Community Development Plan, which will be tabled at the meeting.


The Board received updates on the current Community Development Plan (CDP).  To aid in the development and expansion of Byram Park Social Club & Institute; an online questionnaire had been created, of which 415 surveys had been completed to date.  The Community Cafés at Fairburn and Sherburn in Elmet continued to go from strength to strength, with the Fairburn café being used in the Western CEF film.   


The Development Officer presented a draft of the new format Community Development Plan, the Board noted that the outer page would provide general information on the CEF’s and how to access funding, while the inner page would focus on the four main priorities of the Western CEF area.


It was confirmed that the Partnership Board would still receive an update at each meeting of the original CDP, to ensure that they were kept abreast of developments in the projects that were still in progress.  



                   To note the Community Development Plan update.




Western CEF Draft Annual Report 2018-19 pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To comment and note the Western CEF Annual Report 2018-19.


The Development Officer informed the Board that the annual report was a summary of information and photographs taken from individual impact reports, submitted to the CEF once the project had been completed.


It was noted that Councillor Dave Brook had been missed from the list of Councillors as being a member of the Western CEF and should therefore be added.



To ask the Development Officer to ensure that Councillor Dave Brook was included in the list of Councillor’s as a member of the Western CEF.



Board Membership Vacancy - Co-Opted Member

To receive applications, and discuss the one co-opted member vacancy on the Western CEF Partnership Board.



The Board had received three expressions of interest from Jeff Greene, Tim Platts and Bryn Sage for the one co-opted vacancy; Jeff Greene was present at the meeting to introduce himself, however he left the room while the discussion took place.


The Board felt that all three applicants were of an excellent calibre, and therefore agreed unanimously that they would have liked to appoint all three.


The Chair reminded the Board of his earlier announcement that he would be resigning from the Board in January 2020, at which time there would be a co-opted vacancy, which one of the applicants could fill.


Jeff Greene came back into the room.


A discussion took place around the need for project managers, in addition to the Board members, and it was suggested that one of the two remaining applicants be co-opted at the January 2020 meeting to replace Andy Pound.  It was further suggested that the other applicant attended future meetings as a member of the public, they would not be able to make decisions, however they would be able to speak with the allowance of the Chair.


It was proposed and seconded that Bryn Sage be co-opted as a member of the Western CEF Partnership Board.



To appoint Bryn Sage as a co-opted member of the Western CEF Partnership Board.



Next Meetings

To confirm the date, time and location of the next Western CEF meetings and to confirm the arrangements for the next Forum.


Tuesday 29 October 2019 – Forum – Addressing Crime & Crime Prevention, taking place at the Old Girls School, Sherburn in Elmet at 6.30 pm.


Tuesday 21 January 2020 – Funding Sub-Committee (6.30 pm) and Partnership Board (7.00 pm) – Venue TBC



The Board noted that the next Forum meeting on Tuesday 29 October 2019 would be held at the Old Girls School in Sherburn in Elmet, and agreed the theme as “Addressing Crime and Crime Prevention”. 


The Board confirmed the next Partnership Board meeting as Tuesday 21 January 2020, 6.30 pm – Funding Sub-Committee and 7.00 pm – Partnership Board, at Fairburn Sports and Community Centre.



To note the dates and venues for the next meetings of the Forum and Partnership Board.