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Executive, 2020

Please note: Coronavirus is affecting the way we make decisions; from Friday 20 March, we will no longer be holding public meetings, including Planning and Licensing Committees, Executive and Full Council. This is to reduce contact to protect residents, staff and Councillors.

The Forward Plan is the list of key decisions due to be taken by the Council over the next four months. Details of each key decision will be published below at least 28 clear days before the decision is due to be taken.

What is a 'Key Decison'?

A key decision is either:

  • one which is financially significant for the service or function concerned because it relates to expenditure or savings of more than £150,000; or
  • which will have a significant impact on people who live and work in an area covering two or more district wards.
  • Notice to take a decision in private

    If a decision is to be taken in private, the Forward Plan will provide notice of when the Executive may decide to exclude the press and public from part of a meeting due to the disclosure of confidential or exempt information and the specfic reasosn for this. In such case, you can make representations about why a decision listed as being taken in private, should be considered in public by emailing Democratic Services.

    General Exception

    Where it has not been possible to meet the 28 day rule for publication of notice of a key decision, or of an intention to meet in private, the relevant notices will be published in the Forward Plan as soon as possible with the reason why the deadlines have not been met. A key decision can still be taken in these circumstances under special urgency. For further details, please read the Executive Procedure Rules in the Council's Constitution.