Meetings, agendas and minutes


Selby District Council has 31 councillors. Councillors are elected every 4 years. The last district election was May 2019, and two by-elections for the Camblesforth & Carlton Ward in May 2021 and Byram & Brotherton in January 2022. The Structural Change Order means that there will be no district election in May 2023. Results of the 2019 election are here.

Current political composition of the council is:

  • Conservative - 17
  • Labour - 9
  • Selby Independents - 3
  • Unaligned Independent Members - 2

    Councillors' Allowances

    All Councillors recieve a taxable basic allowance of £4,461.47. If a Councillor has a specific role such as Leader of the Council, Executive Member or a Chairman of a Committee then they would also get a special responsibility allowance related to their role. Councillors can also claim expenses for travel and subistence and they must provide receipts for these.

    Details of Councillors allowances are published annually.

    Councillor Code of Conduct

    All Councillors are required to follow the Councillor Code of Conduct.

    Council Committees


    All councillors meet together at Full Council. At these meetings councillors decide the overall policies and plans, appoints the Leader of the Council and set the budget each year. The Council ensures that the Leader and Executive act in accordance with the Budget and Policy Framework and holds them to account for the decisions which they take.


    The Executive develops and proposes policy for the Council and has the authority to take all decisions within the Budget and Policy Framework set by the Council, including key decisions. The Executive meetings page has details of agendas and minutes for these meetings.


    The Council has three committees to deal with overview and scrutiny:

  • The Scrutiny Committee scrutinises decisions and performance and has the responsibility of holding the Leader and Executive to account

  • The Policy Review Committee contributes to the development of new council policy and also reviews the effectiveness of existing council policy

  • The Audit and Governance Committee scrutinises and monitors the Council's control systems, procedures and risk management systems
  • Regulatory Committees

    The following committees act within the policies established by the Council and deal with the regulatory functions of the Council:

  • The Planning Committee deals with all planning issues, such as planning applications, as per Town and Country Planning legislation.

  • The Licensing Committee deals with all licensing issues that are the responsibility of the District Council, such as the licensing of taxis and licensed premises.
  • Member Community Funding

    The Council also supports Member Community Funding in the district, to respond to local needs and community initiatives.

    You can also find out about information regarding other council meetings.

    How to get involved

    It is also possible to subscribe to updates in order to receive information via e-mail regarding particular issues and committee meetings.


    You can view information regarding the decisions taken at council, as well as officer decisions taken by council officers.

    Outside bodies

    The Council appoints representatives on outside bodies and forums that are independent from the council.

    Elected representatives

    You can also view the details of the MP and MEPs for the local area along with the local Parish Councils.

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