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The Humber Strategy Comprehensive Review is carrying out a detailed review of the tidal flood risk management strategy for the Humber estuary and the tidal rivers which flow into it, including the River Ouse in Selby district. The Review will build on the strategic approach set out in the existing Strategy for managing tidal flood risk around the Humber Estuary over the next 100 years, with a particular focus on the first 25 years.


The existing strategy for managing tidal flood risk in the Humber Estuary was adopted in 2008. In December 2013 the Humber estuary was hit by the largest recorded tidal surge resulting in severe flooding and changing the evidence base for flood risk management in the estuary. In September 2014 a Business Case was submitted to the Government by Local Authorities and port operators which sought £1.28bn in funding to implement a consistent standard of protection all the way round the estuary. Following review by the Environment Agency the business case was refused, but the Government asked all the relevant parties to work with the Environment Agency to undertake a review of the strategy. The review, which takes forward that directive from government, is due to be submitted to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for approval in autumn 2019.


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